Our Team

We are a small, nimble team, bringing expertise in both software development and your business domain. We are equally comfortable talking with your tech team, your business team, and your senior executives.

Rick Duggan

CEO / Co-Founder

Rick brings over 30 years of technical and business experience to CSD. Having worked for both Fortune 500 companies and startups, he has contributed to the success of organizations large and small. Very generous with his time, he has also mentored over one hundred and fifty entrepreneurs in #VegasTech. He can be found every Wednesday evening playing trivia with friends.

Triston Jones

Senior Software Engineer / Co-Founder

Triston spends most of his time writing code and watching anime. He specializes in blockchain tech, web application development, and mobile development. He is also a mediocre rock climber who probably drinks too much coffee.
KeyboardsRock ClimbingCoffeeProgramming

Jan Hettich

Software Architect

Jan is an innovative technology leader with over twenty years of experience designing and building scalable systems. With a lifelong passion for learning, Jan enjoys learning new programming languages and loves working on projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Brooks Halladay

Designer / Senior Software Engineer

Brooks has over 15 years of tech and product experience for FLIR (a global leader in infrared technology), Fox Sports, DreamWorks Animation, and startups in sports, fitness, blockchain, and messaging. He's a huge fan of Apple, college & pro football, and Imagine Dragons.
AppleFootballImagine Dragons

Ethan Duggan

Software Developer

Ethan is a software developer for CSD, having previously been an intern for multiple years. He loves to program in JS, design & develop websites, and play online games. He is currently taking a gap year from UCSD where he is studying Cognitive Science. He loves to shop online in his free time.
GamingShoppingStreet Wear

Cedar Bristol

Senior Software Developer

Cedar has worked as a back-end web developer since 2001. When he is not writing code or playing ancient PC games from the Warcraft II era, he is trying to learn Spanish.

Justin Pilapil

Software Developer

Justin enjoys programming in JavaScript and counting pixels with CSS. In his free time, you can find him learning random things on YouTube , trying to beat his high score on typing tests, or watching his NFT "investments" go to zero.

Jose Argueta

Software Developer

Jose is a fresh graduate with a fiery passion for learning new technologies and languages. Previously coming from a video game development background, Jose switched to software development after finding that building software and web application peaked his interest to new heights. When not writing code, Jose is usually reading or building keyboards.